Join the team at Phoenix Industrial

Key Responsibilities

As a cleaner employed by Phoenix Industrial Cleaning Pty Ltd, you are directly responsible for the following:

  • Deliver a clean area daily both visually and micro biologically.
  • Look after personal protective clothing, uniforms and personal equipment.
  • Comply with site safety and security.
  • Comply with personal hygiene standards as required by the site.
  • Sign attendance register on a daily basis.
  • Comply with correct chemical applications, both in quantity and usage.
  • Report deviations from standard cleaning procedures.
  • Cover electrical components.
  • Notify his / her supervisor that his / her area is ready for inspection.
  • Comply with the correct cleaning procedure and work instructions.
  • Comply with the Quality Management System.
  • Comply with the company’s Disciplinary Code of Conduct.
  • Report all injuries in a timely manner.


You must not without permission:

  • Work any overtime without authorisation from the Site Manager.
  • Undertake any service; use any treatment, techniques or chemicals except those laid down in the cleaning schedule or other company instructions.
  • Sell or give the company’s chemicals for the use of any other person.
  • Divulge any information, private and confidential to the company, to any other party.

Phoenix Industrial reserves the right to change or amend the working hours to suit its operational requirements, and its customers.