Food Processing Equipment Cleaning & Sterilisation

HACCP Compliant Food and Beverage Cleaning Services in Sydney and Queensland

We are the complete food processing plant cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solution specialist you have been looking for.

Keeping food processing and preparation areas clean and sterile at all times is critical in preventing the spread of harmful bacteria through your supply chain. We help meat plants and businesses in the food and beverage industry across Sydney and Queensland with any and all cleaning services including machinery and factory sanitation.

In addition to bringing your machinery and equipment back to their clean and sanitary condition, we are also qualified to keep your entire site clean.

What that means, is that we’ll keep your processing plant, cooling areas, warehouses, employee areas (including kitchens and dining areas, offices and surrounds) spic ‘n span.

We also offer non-chemical and low-irritant pest control treatments. Rodents, cockroaches or maggots are not a nice sight, and can be harmful to your business. We will keep those nasty and unwanted pests away from your premises!

We are HACCP certified food plant cleaning specialists.

The cleaning and sanitation services provided by our specialists assist local abattoirs and food processing plants deliver safe, wholesome and hygienic meat and meat products in compliance with Australia’s strict sanitation standards!

As hygiene and sanitisation experts, Phoenix Industrial assist local and national abattoirs and food processing plants to process safe, hygienic meat and meat products, cost effectively, with comprehensive cleaning and sanitation in meat plants.

When providing cleaning and sanitation services in the food and beverage industry, our specialists follow a methodical approach to business and we comply with an internationally recognised system of food safety management (HACCP), which focuses on identifying critical points where food safety problems could arise. We put systems and procedures into place to prevent things going wrong, including identifying all necessary food plant and machinery cleaning tasks.

Then we deliver professional cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions to ensure your food factory or abattoir complies with the Australian Standards regarding cleaning and sanitising in the food industry.

As you know, non-compliance can be costly. It leads to negative press, hefty fines and other problems that could cripple the bottom line in your business.

Our cleaning specialists help clients in Sydney and Queensland be audit ready, and compliant with Australian Standards regarding cleaning and sanitation of food processing plants. We bring out the best in your machinery and your food and beverage plant and with our expert cleaning services.

We assist clients be audit ready, and compliant with Australian Standards regarding cleaning and sanitation of food processing plants.

We follow a systematic approach where we first identify any potential bacteria hazards, and then design specific procedures to control those hazards during our food processing plant cleaning services.

To make our work consistent, we turn to industry recognised and respected bodies who audit our food factory cleaning work on a regular basis. In fact, we comply with external independent organisations to make sure that our food and beverage cleaning services are performed to Australian regulations.

Here’s a list of external bodies that Phoenix Industrial complies with:

Helping you stay out of trouble!

When performing our cleaning and sanitation services at meat plants, we never interfere with your operations. We step in when your shift or production is over for the day to clean and sanitise all your equipment, machinery and processing line and to the Australian Standard of hygiene compliance.

We understand that meat contains protein and amino acids, fats and fatty acids, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, and other bioactive components that require correct cleaning and sanitation – these cannot be cleaned away hygienically by simply using a pressure washer. Proper and professional tools and equipment, as well as following the right process and procedure methodology, is critical.

Our thorough hygiene and sanitation procedure is performed to a microbiological standard. What that means, is that we will ensure the equipment is clean, sanitised and bacteria-free before use by taking swab tests and ensuring they comply with your microbiological baseline level.

There is no guesswork and no short cut approaches when it comes to quality food plant and machinery cleaning. We take on a totally scientific approach that is delineated by clear guidelines, systems and procedures that we develop specifically for your site in strict adherence to Australian Standards.

Yes, one of our experienced OH&S supervisors will inspect your food plant or abattoir including the machinery and full factory, then together with your management and key decision makers will customise a plan for sanitation and industrial cleaning for your Sydney or Queensland premises, to keep your site audit ready.

Bringing you highly skilled cleaning personnel that will make your life easier

We have over 21 years of combined experience delivering commercial and industrial cleaning and sanitation solutions and services to the food and beverage industry. We also provide clients with highly skilled, experienced and certified cleaning technicians.

We don’t employ people off the street!

Our skilled food plant cleaning specialists have all completed Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) certification and hygiene programs. They are recognised by the Australian government as qualified to perform work in a safe manner.

We execute thorough screening and background checks every time we hire new personnel for our food factory cleaning positions. We don’t take short cuts here because the right candidates with the right experience make our life easier, and they produce more consistent results for our clients. So, we only accept the very best to work in our team and on your premises.

We also perform classroom training and on the job training to ensure all our food and beverage cleaning technicians are ready before taking over cleaning responsibilities in your business. As required, our cleaning technicians undergo the following stages of training:

  • Induction training
  • Module and Specific Work Procedure (SWP) training
  • Hands-on training inside plant

Regular and comprehensive training for all staff

From isolation and lockout procedures, to the safe use and application of chemicals and correct use of PPE, to the safe use and cleaning of machinery, to the understanding of current OH&S procedures, we train our people thoroughly so that they can perform their duties in a safe manner.

We also have an approved trainer (Certificate IV Training & Assessment) on our payroll so that we can provide ongoing and as-needed training and refreshers to our employees.

This government approved recognition enabled us to devise and implement thorough and specific training modules to train our cleaning technicians and teach them safe, efficient and professional working skills.

Here are just some of the competencies that we teach in our classrooms:

  1. Correct isolation and lockout procedures
  2. Safe use, handling and application of chemicals
  3. HACCP sanitation procedure for various surfaces
  4. Safe use of platform ladders
  5. Correct use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  6. Proper use of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  7. Cleaning of machinery in a food plant/manufacturing environment
  8. Cleaning of unguarded equipment
  9. Manual handling awareness
  10. Occupation Health and Safety (OH&S)
  11. Basic first-aid
  12. Safety controls, possible hazards and emergency procedure

A quick summary of the benefits we offer our clients:

  • HACCP Certified
  • TAFE Qualified Personnel
  • Quality Assurance Certified Company
  • Regularly Third Party Audited
  • Detailed Cleaning Procedures
  • Employee White Card (Green Card)
  • Forklift Licence
  • WHS Procedures
  • Training & Induction
  • Certificate IV Training & Assessment
  • Fire Warden
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Full Documentation as required by your site
  • Environmentally Responsible Solutions
  • Chemical Use Reporting System / MSDS
  • Water Use Report & Management Procedure​
  • Excellent communication with decision makers
  • Cohesive Team
  • No Supervision Necessary
  • 24/7 "Round-the-Clock" Client Support
  • Equipment, Tools & Uniforms regularly maintained

Tailored cleaning and sanitation solutions for your food factory in Sydney or Queensland

We provide tailor-made solutions. We can tailor sanitation, cleaning and hygiene services to suit the needs of your operation or business in the food and beverage industry. Using solutions that cater for your working environment, our food plant cleaning specialists offer expert services in both Sydney and Queensland, and together with your management, we’ll build a solution that suits your needs and fits your company budget.

We run a transparent company. On your request, we can provide you with safety data sheets relating to any of the products we use and procedures we follow to deliver our services at your site. Also, our area supervisors perform regular checks and submit Performance Reports to your key decision makers to identify areas for improvement in efficiency and productivity, and the effectiveness of our cleaning procedures.

We focus on compliance, speed and efficiency. Our skilled technicians depend on a fleet of modern and regularly serviced tray-back vehicles, equipped with all the necessary tools and gear needed to provide quick and responsive service. We focus on being responsive! By having all the right equipment, we are able to step in and perform our cleaning duties and responsibilities in a thorough and professional manner, and with minimum hassle to your staff, clients or day-to-day operation.

Also, our skilled technicians are trained to arrive on time and provide prompt and courteous service every time, without exception. Once again, we follow systems and procedures to which every staff member is accountable.

Our clients appreciate that we go beyond the necessary to comply with the Australian Standards. We see ourselves as the vital link in helping responsible companies deliver wholesome food that’s safe for human consumption.

Here at Phoenix Industrial, we can assist you in providing quality products to help you grow and expand your market position.

When it comes to professional cleaning and sanitation in the food industry, you will have less hassle and better, more consistent results with Phoenix Industrial.

Learn more about our cleaning and sanitation services for meat plants, and our food and beverage cleaning services in Sydney and Queensland. Call us today on 1300 559 151 to find out how we can tailor a cleaning and sanitation solution to suit the needs of your business, at a competitive rate. You can also contact us via the contact form here.